recommended vitamins, minerals, and topicals to boost surgery recovery


Hi I’m Tim and this website is the result of my research when I was hospitalized and my questions on recovery couldn’t be answered to satisfaction. The medical personnel didn’t seem to know much about nutritional advice as well as scar treatment.

After reading much well-designed* study reports on for example PubMed and Cochrane and contacting medical professionals I learned a lot. On this website I share my findings.

* (it’s crucial these are well-designed since many studies are not and thus their outcomes can be misleading. Sometimes studies have been paid for by the manufacturer of a certain product or outcomes can be manipulated or interpreted in a way that’s favorable to the client.)

I would also like to point out that, in general, it’s essential to be skeptical about nutritional claims in general and supplements in specific. A balanced diet always comes first, supplements play a secondary role in maintaining good health as well as enhancing recovery.

Nutrition is an important extrinsic factor influencing wound healing, and malnutrition has an adverse effect on a wound’s
ability to heal efficiently and effectively (Barbul and Purtill, 1994; Pontieri-Lewis,1997; Carlson, 1999).

Hospital patients often don’t have much appetite because they are sick, nauseous,  and on drugs. On top of that hospital food isn’t always the most tasty, most healthy food you can get.

That’s why certain supplements are a welcome addition to your recovery regimen. Especially since you are health challenged and possibly subject to infections.

According to trustworthy research (I add as much links to research reports, otherwise read my post on clinical trials and research) particular supplements demonstrate to have specific benefits and can support the body’s natural defenses. Especially in certain situations, such as malnourishment, which occurs a lot in people who are hospitalized.

I hope this info will help you and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Tim van Lint