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Are Post Liposuction Compression Garments Worth It?

Are Post Liposuction Compression Garments Worth It?

post liposuction compression garment

Are compression garments necessary after liposuction? That’s a common question among those who undergo this procedure. Let’s answer it right away. It depends on what your cosmetic surgeon recommends for you but most do advice to use one. The reason? There are several benefits.

Many are familiar with what liposuction does but do not understand the actual process. Techniques to remove unwanted fat vary, but in general a hallow tube is inserted under the skin and a suction device is used to take out and break up fat cells. The procedure is known as Tumescent liposuction. This process can be done with local or general anesthesia, and most patients will be able to go home the same day as surgery.

However, most post surgery patients will have limited mobility because of compression garments. This, however, is a small toll paid because  these garments play a vital role in the recovery process.   Depending on whether the surgeon chooses to close the incision with stitches, compression garments are worn for several purposes.

  • 1) To rapidly drain the residual anesthetic solution from underneath the skin. Otherwise it may causes bruising and  post-operative swelling called “osmotic-edema”.
  • 2) If the incision is closed the garments force the body to absorb the anesthetic solution into the blood vessels.
  • 3) to reduce the occurrence of fluid collection known as “seroma”.
  • 4) to provide abdominal and posture support.

These garments help the body to heal properly, and ensure as little scar tissue as possible will be left where the incisions were made.

Different types of garments

Obviously different areas of the body will require a different style of compression garment, but there are also different types of garments surgeons may recommend. Some garments are made from a Lycra type cloth while most are made from stretchy elastic cloth that will contour to the body.

Among people who have worn the Lycra cloth post surgery there is a greater significance of comfort than those that wore the traditional Nylon garments. Certainly, if at all possible it is better to purchase the softer more comfortable garments so as to achieve the best results post surgery.

Medical Grade vs Non-medical

It is important to note that medical grade compression garments are important to purchase even though they are expensive.  Non-medical grade garments may save money but they most likely won’t produce the affect the surgeon is hoping for.

It is a better idea to search for the most affordable high quality medical grade garment to ensure the fastest healing time with the greatest possible results.

How to use Compression Garments

Doctors orders. Hearing those words many patients swear they will do just that, follow orders. But give it a couple of weeks and those compression garments start getting itchy, uncomfortable, and just plain annoying.

While they may seem like just another challenge in the way to attaining beauty, compression garments, if used properly, will make all the difference in the results of lipo-suction post-surgery.

Depending on whether the incision was sealed or not, compression garments should be worn about 1-3 weeks after surgery. Sometimes even longer. This will help create the look any patient desires.

While there are many garments to choose from, it is important to remember comfort is everything when it comes to a sore achy post-surgery body. Choose the right medical grade garment, and the recovery process will be much easier. for a wide range of high quality post lipo garments.

For over half a century liposuction has been a hot topic for individuals who want to change their appearance. A person may choose to have excess fat removed from their abdomen, legs, thighs, back, love handles, upper arms, and chin. For questions on this procedure you can .

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  1. Compression garments arent always recommended by doctors but they should be. Can u post some before and afters of similiar pattients who did use garments and those who didnt ? It would be interesting.

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