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6 Arm Lift Surgery Recovery Tips, How To Boost Your Brachioplasty Recovery

6 Arm Lift Surgery Recovery Tips, How To Boost Your Brachioplasty Recovery

a silicone scar sheet for arm lift scarsDue to weight fluctuations, growing older and heredity under arms may become jiggly. This leads to fat deposits, loss of skin elasticity, and loose skin.

The goal of arm lift surgery is to reshape the under arm. During this procedure saggy, drooping tissue under the arm, from the underarm region to the elbow is lifted to improve appearance. Also fat deposits may be removed.

Complications or side effects of arm reduction surgery include;  wound infections and or delayed wound healing, fluid retention, numbness in certain parts of the skin, prolonged swelling, bruising, excessive scarring.

A clinically proven effective and natural remedy to reduce swelling, bruising, inflammation and pain after surgery is arnica montana gel.

Because all surgery is invasive, being well-prepared and ensuring optimal aftercare is recommended. Here are 6 arm lift surgery recovery tips so you can enhance your brachioplasty recovery.

1. Use High Quality Wound dressings

After the surgery bandages or dressings are commonly used to cover your incisions. This will keep infections out and protect the wounds from drying out. Steristrips or ACE bandages are a common type of dressing. In this first phase it is normal to stay bandaged for about 7 days.

If you are prone to wound infections, ask you cosmetic surgeon about Medihoney dressings.

These first class medical devices have an outstanding reputation in preventing and treating wound infection. Especially nowadays, when antibiotic resistanct bacteria are a serious and growing problem, these dressings are lifesavers. (in several cases literally, more about that later)

Arm lift recovery times are tyically one to two weeks. If your incision wound gets infected recovery will take longer. That’s why it’s essential to try to avoid infections at all costs. Or treat them the best way possible for that matter.

2 Take advantage of compression garments after arm lift surgery

After the procedure your arms may be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a compression garment to minimize swelling and improve blood circulation.

Compression vests or sleeves are a great way of adding support, promoting healing, and reducing bruising and swelling. Things to look for are; if the material they are made is durable and comfortable.  If they show under clothes. Some for example have an open neck which is more flattering and doesn’t show when you wear it under clothing

The most popular brands are Rainey and Marena which are known for their comfortable compression garments.

3. use The best post-op treatment for arm reduction scars

Brachioplasty involves relatively long incisions, thus long scars will form. Generally, incisions are made on the inner arm ( the inner aspect ) or at the back of the arm (posteriorly).  The latter will be visible when someone is standing behind you.

Incision lenght depends per person and procedure. Depeding on the location and amount of excess skin, incisions may extend from the underarm (axilla) to just above the elbow.

These scars may be unsightly and there’s also the risk on excessive scar tissue growth. This is when scar tissue grows outside of the boundaries of the initial wound incision and is named hypertrophic or keloid scar tissue. For many people reasons to find an effective treatment that reducese these risks and smoothens and flattens the scar.

A common problem among users is adhesiveness. Especially on locations on the body such as the arms, where mobility is an issue, this is the case and the may let loose or roll up. Also when the silicone patches have been washed (the are reusable) stickiness degrades. This however, is easily solved by taping the patches to their location with silk, paper, or another type of hypoallergenic tape. Another tip is to wear them under clothing with snug sleeves.

Which silicones do you recommend for arm reduction scars?

Oleeva has silicone sheets specifically designed brachioplasty silicone sheets, however these are not very well reviewed because of adhesion difficulty. I would recommend to use silicone sheets in case your scar is shorter than 6 inch. This because these are very sticky. They are 5 inch wide but you can cut them in half. If your incision wound is longer I would go for ScarAway because they have 8 inch long patches.

Visit for more info on and customer reviews on the aforementioned compression garments and other post arm lift supplements.

take good care of Drains

Some patients will have a drain placed under the skin after the surgery. This is a thin tube that drains any excess body fluid or blood. Make sure to be informed about how to care for your drain by consulting your PS.

be informed about Medication

In general the only medication that is given post arm lift surgery are pain meds and antibiotics. If you do take other medication make sure to find out it these may delay wound healing. Consult your doctor or surgeon to make sure you are well informed.

use nutritional Supplements to boost the healing process

In addition to topical treatments a systemic approach can also help you heal faster. Medical science has conducted a wide range of studies and clinical trials that show certain supplements boost recovery.

Shorter healing time and less chance on complications are not the only benefits nutritional supplements may have. More info on how to boost your healing process after surgery with supplements here.



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  1. During your initial recovery period you will probably have restricted arm movements and you will not be able to lift anything heavy for a while. Due to these restrictions it would be a good idea to prepare your house (or place of recovery) in order to minimise the amount of work that you need to do immediately after your arm lift surgery. If you have a close friend or family member who is willing to act as your “recovery buddy” then it would be a good idea to explain to them what you have done to prepare you recovery environment so that they know where to find things and understand the effort that you have put into making your recovery as quick and successful as possible.

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