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The Benefits of Bromelain and Quercetin For Surgery Recovery

The Benefits of Bromelain and Quercetin For Surgery Recovery

Bromelain (Ananase) and quercetin  are  natural substances known  to have several actions that speed the surgical recovery process.

Therefore they are commonly used for their therapeutic effects as supplements for surgery.  Studies show that when bromelain is in the blood it:

  • reduces pain,
  • reduces inflammation,
  • reduces swelling,
  • thins the blood,
  • and positively affects the immune system.

Bromelain, a digestive enzyme, is derived from the stems of the pineapple plant.

Quercetin is a plant derived flavonoid found in black and green tea, apples, grains and other foods. Quercetin is also often referred to as a phytochemical which means it comes from plants. Phyto means plant in Greek.

Surgery healing benefits of bromelain and quercetin

When someone is injured or undergoes any form of surgery, inflammation is a typical and quite normal bodily response. It’s a defense mechanism or a reaction to the damage sustained by the body’s tissues.

The symptoms of inflammation include swelling, heat, pain and redness and although may be uncomfortable, they form part of the body’s natural healing process.

To assist with the discomfort of these symptoms, quercetin with bromelain may prove effective. It helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation while assisting the body with the healing process.

Quercetin with bromelain helps to reduce inflammation as they contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Their specific roles within the human body are quite different.

  • Quercetin inhibits the production of histamines – a substance which allows inflammation to occur.
  • Bromelain has a dual action effect on the body as it helps to combat those compounds which cause inflammation while also assisting the anti-inflammatory enzymes acting within the body.

Quercetin and bromelain also prove very effective in controlling post-operative swelling and inflammation as their specific nutrients are beneficial for a host of conditions.

When used in conjunction with Arnica Montana, quercetin and bromelain prove very useful for a host of surgical procedures, including facial implants, breast augmentation, reduction and reconstruction and eyelid surgery, as well as many other cosmetic surgery procedures.

The compounds are also highly recommended for those suffering from psoriasis, osteoarthritis, eczema and acne as well as non-cosmetic surgeries.

Side effects?

Quercetin with bromelain is a mild medication which has virtually no side effects. They are safe to use with any other antibiotic or anti-inflammatory drugs that have been prescribed pre- or post-operatively.

Taken at a rate of 1500mg each per day, it yields 3000 clotting units and promotes faster healing with almost no side effects whatsoever.

However, the NYU School of Medicine, Department of Surgery, notes that bromelain may increase blood concentrations of certain antibiotics. Also, ulcer patients should avoid using it.

It is often mentioned that herbal products can cause bleeding and intake should therefore avoided before surgery.

In reality however, many herbal supplements only have mild blood-thinning properties when properly used which makes them rarely a risk for bleeding after surgery.

If you still worry, this can also be compensated by taking more vitamin K (containing food).

The use of bromelain, as studies show,  prior to surgery can reduce post-surgical trauma by 50%.

The capsules must be taken on an empty stomach between meals and, as with all medicines, seek your doctor’s approval before you start. If you have a pineapple allergy, or a history of arrhythmia, you are advised against these particular medications.

Furthermore, proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain may cause problems if combined with drugs that thin the blood. Bromelain should not be mixed with sedative drugs.

Bromelain might amplify the effect of sedative drugs such as benzodiazepines, antibiotics, or medications that thin the blood, such as warfarin (Coumadin) or heparin.

A popular supplement that has both bromelain and quercetin is made by

Read more about commonly used supplements for surgery.

Did you know…

In the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Hyla Cass mentioned that Vitamin C in large doses, Bromelain, Stinging Nettle, and Quercetin all help give allergy relief.

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  1. Can you buy these – bromeliad and quercetin at a health food store? Having a lot of discomfort 6 wks after hemmoroid surgery and am told that they are still swollen from surgery and it just takes time – Surely there is something that will expedite this healing>

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