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Vitamins and Surgery, Which Vitamins To Take and Avoid

Vitamins and Surgery, Which Vitamins To Take and Avoid

Many believe that vitamins are only useful to support a well-rounded diet nutrition plan. While they do greatly benefit everyone in this regard, vitamins can also be extremely beneficial to anyone seeking to reap juice their recovery time following a surgical procedure.

Not only do these dietary supplements provide the body with potent antioxidants that help boost your defenses against surgical stress, they will encourage a faster recovery and also diminish the effects of bruising and any visible scars. During surgery your body undergoes a tremendous amount of not only physical stress but emotional stress as well.

Anyone who has ever suffered from the side effects of excessive emotional stress can attest to the fact that your body will be much more susceptible to free radicals and infection. Vitamins and minerals can be a fantastic way to not only prevent this negative situation from occurring but also help maximize your recuperative abilities.

During periods of excessive stress your body will make a transformation from an anabolic state that involves the growth and repair of tissues to a catabolic state that is the inverse. Proper supplementation will help you reduce these negative effects and allow your body more effectively handle high levels of inflammation.

Recommended Vitamins After Surgery

While taking a multivitamin supplement is advisable many individuals will seek to identify key vitamins and minerals that have particular goals. For example, vitamin A is a supplement that is continually utilized by individuals seeking assistance with bone development in addition to strengthening levels of collagen in the body.

Typically coupled with vitamin A is that of vitamin C. Vitamin C is easily one of the most popular vitamins available on the market today as it is an extremely powerful antioxidant that has a beneficial effect on your immune system. During times of surgery vitamin C and other antioxidants are absolutely necessary as your immune system will be working hard to repair the physical damage.

At the emotional stress of the situation to this equation and you can see how these stressors can cause your body to be susceptible to further illness. For those individuals who are conscious about the physiological results of surgery and the development of scars, they’ll be happy to know that a combination of zinc and copper/selenium will aid your body and supporting cell repair and accelerate proper tissue regeneration. This cocktail is also bolstered through the use of two amino acids that are L-arginine and L glutamine. Each of these functions to prove your main system and stimulate proper wound healing. But there are some more beneficial vitamins and minerals. Read this post for a complete list of recommended surgery supplements.

Which Vitamins To Avoid Before, During, and After Surgery

While we have identified some of the more supportive vitamins and minerals it is also important to understand that there are some potentially threatening substances that should be avoided before and after surgery.

For example, many individuals do not realize that St. John’s wort that is a natural remedy for increasing mood can interfere with certain anesthetic drugs. Ginko biloba and ginseng that both have positive medicinal effects are typically avoided post surgery as they can increase bleeding and cause erratic blood sugar levels in the body. All in all, your focus should be on providing your body with the right nutrition and dietary supplementation prior to any surgical procedure.

After surgery, you can work with your medical professional to determine the best mixture of vitamins and minerals to help support your unique situation and ultimately get you back to full physical health. Whether a quick outpatient procedure or a multi-hour surgery session, vitamins and supplements can provide your body with the assistance it needs to heal quickly and thoroughly.

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  1. I have had a surgery recently an historectomy i am 51 and i found this article to be very helpful

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